Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

About The Vermont SEO Experts Thomas & Andre

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Howdy and welcome to our nice little blogspot blog where we want to give you a few more informations about ourself. We are both called the Vermont SEO Experts, but can we really hold what we claim?

Maybe you don't even understand what search engine optimization means? We've put together this small, nice guide to lead you through the process of marketing your business online (by doing so called SEO). So, if you are a business owner located in VT - Burlington this might be a interesting read for you.

At first, let me introduce myself. My name is Andre and i am a 24 years old from germany. I've been working in the internet marketing & SEO niche for almost 6 years now. Together with my partner Thomas, we've managed to help local vermont businesses to get their word out of their firm.

When it comes to optimizing your website, you should not take any shortcodes. It's important that your website is optimized in the right way to avoid any upcoming penalties, or also called google algorithm updates.

(Make sure to watch the video where i explain more about our service & SEO in general)

My business partner Thomas Cha is a top-gun when it comes down to writing interesting sales copies and optimizing websites for conversion. This comes in handy if your website is already ranked in the Search Engines & you want to get more calls. We see websites as a art of business-card and lead generation methode. The difference compared to PPC marketing is simple: While a landing page uses a straight forward sales method, a business website is more like a sign on a busy street.

Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

Yes it does and we've proven it hundreds of times. If you've hired the wrong firm or single person in the past, you propaply have some kind of bad experience. We understand that as not everybody is able to produce dramatic ranking increasements like we do. Your mindset is propaply similar to "SEO is dead".

In reality it's still alive but changed over the years.

Is SEO Right For Me?

If you want to see increased business, more revenue & profit, then SEO in vermont is definitely a good thing. Ask people that already have someone hired to do their seo and be amazed by their answer. Many companies see an improvement of up to 65-85% of their business, just my ranking their company website in the search engines. If youre looking for more infos if SEO is really the big thing, you should visit

What About Website Design?

We also offer a variety of website design services. Please stay tuned for more informations within our next blog post, and thanks for reading through.